Softrack: FileMaker Consultants

Softrack has adopted the powerful FileMaker software as our development platform and are experienced FileMaker consultants. Many businesses have found that the use of FileMaker enables developers to drastically reduce turnaround time and the associated costs.

What is FileMaker?

FileMaker is a group of related software products that, used together, form a cross-platform relational database application. It is one of the most powerful – and  popular – products of its kind for developers tasked with providing bespoke operational and administration systems for businesses of less than a hundred employees.

The growth of FileMaker from its humble beginnings in the 1980s has been dramatic both in the scope of the software and in its popularity among developers. This has led to an increase in companies offering bespoke FileMaker consulting to businesses looking for ways to increase efficiency through the intelligent implementation of software.

FileMaker Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple, renamed from Claris when the company decided to focus solely on their flagship product.

At its core, FileMaker is a database engine and GUI (Graphical User Interface), but over time its functionality has been optimised by the inclusion of web server software (enabling systems to be used across business networks, intranets and the internet); FTP capability; third-party plug-in architecture; web viewing software; charting capability and more. There has also been a huge increase in the amount of data that can be stored and processed by FileMaker systems.

FileMaker consultants like Softrack have the experience and training necessary to customise FileMaker’s powerful  tools to fit your unique business needs, and we can provide FileMaker consulting support to suggest new ways of using the software across your business.

The benefits of FileMaker

Just some of the benefits of using FileMaker are:

  • A user-friendly experience
  • Aesthetically designed interfaces
  • Integration with multiple database formats, including MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle
  • Compatability with a wide range of file types (including most common document, audio, image and video formats)
  • Expert support available from FileMaker consultants
  • Scripting capability for automating tasks and performing complex calculations
  • Security access control and encryption built-in
  • Proprietary app (FileMaker Go) for seamless integration with iPhone and iPad, enabling remote access for data capture, stock management, document scanning, auditing etc. on the go. Barcode scanning can also be integrated.

As members of the FileMaker Business Alliance, Softrack offers FileMaker consulting you can trust. Membership is only granted to FileMaker developers and FileMaker consulting companies who can provide proof of quality work and valid client references.