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Cloud hosted systems

Access your data from anywhere and let the cloud take the expense of maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

Costing Systems

If you still wait for your accountant to tell you if you are doing things right then it maybe you like surprises! If you want your finger on the pulse then immediate reporting is essential.

Customer Management Systems

Your competitors would love to take care of your customers. Make sure you do it first.

Administration Processes

From sales order processing to National Team performance. If it involves digital data we can provide a solution.

Barcode Stock Control

Track your stock through your system with barcode scanning.

Web Integration

Make you web site your best business tool and we will link it to your office systems.

Production Calendars

Calendars can be the heart of your tracking system with all relevant data revealed with a click on the calendar entry.

Softrack: “Joined up” Software Solutions

Throughout the UK, businesses from small start-ups to huge corporations are aware that they are using software that is not fit for purpose. Less than two in five of those businesses will take any action about it, meaning they continue to waste time and resource getting by on outdated software. Entering data more than once is time wasted.

If you have found off the shelf software that has continued to grow and change as your business has grown and changed then you most likely wouldn’t have ended up on this web page.

We specialise in creating and deploying bespoke software, because you won’t get it ‘off the shelf’.

As a FileMaker developer, UK based Softrack can provide bespoke database-driven software solutions that can handle a range of business functions including, but not limited to:

  • Costing Systems
  • Online Booking
  • Timesheets
  • Stock Management
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Customer Management
  • All Administration Processes and reporting
  • Dynamic data-driven E-commerce
  • Data Automation (orders, invoicing, email tracking)

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Softrack specialises in manual-free software that can be quickly grasped by staff, cutting down on training time and enabling companies to quickly deploy solutions across the company. Software can be easily integrated with your existing calendars (e.g. iCal, Google, Outlook) and can be simply converted into an iPhone or iPad app using FileMaker’s existing app, FileMaker Go.

What is a FileMaker developer? UK businesses may not have heard of FileMaker before, so we have set out the facts and benefits below:

Filemaker Business Solutions: What is FileMaker?
In a nutshell, FileMaker is a comprehensive developer platform for creating bespoke software solutions for businesses.

As a subsidiary of Apple, FileMaker is embedded with the same quality and focus on design and user experience that you would expect, meaning your custom-made software would be powerful yet easy to use and attractively presented.

Softrack are Filemaker Pro Consultants, which means we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the software and can quickly and easily use the flexibility of the platform to meet your needs – and we do like a challenge, so don’t be put off contacting us because you think your solution is too demanding! We have been in the business of designing affordable but high quality business software solutions for over 16 years.

Filemaker Business Solutions: The Benefits

By using a FileMaker developer, UK enterprises can enjoy a host of benefits:

Despite being part of Apple, FileMaker business solutions are designed to be cross-platform compatible and was once a DOS based program. Therefore, FileMaker is equally compatible with Mac OSX and Windows operating systems. FileMaker is also built to work with all of the most commonly used programs and file types (including Excel, Word, eps, GIF, JPEG, MacPaint, PDF, Photoshop, PNG, QuickTime (images and videos), TIFF, Windows Bitmap, Flash, MPEG, wmf, AVI, MP3 and WAV). So no matter what computer-based business systems you currently have in place, your bespoke software solution can be adapted for a seamless switch-over.

FileMaker solutions can either form your entire company data management system or can be integrated with your existing systems, for example Sage accounting software, depending on your specific company needs.

One of the most important benefits of FileMaker business solutions is that they are cloud-based, freeing up your in-house PCs from bulky software, eliminating the need for manual updating and enabling rapid and secure access from remote PCs and handheld devices. On the subject of security, FileMaker has access and author protection functions and file encryption built in.

Since December 2013, FileMaker solutions have included an HTML5 admin console, eliminating the need for Java.

Filemaker Business Solutions: App Integration

As mentioned above, app integration with iPhone and iPad is another key advantage to using a FileMaker Developer. UK businesses using mobile devices as part of their business operation are far more efficient than their office-only based competitors, providing the mobile applications are fit for purpose.

FileMaker Go is the companion mobile app to FileMaker which means that extending your business systems to incorporate mobile devices is easy.

Examples of FileMaker solutions using mobile technology are:

  • Stock Control. Managing stock levels and compiling inventories for a range of businesses, from restaurants and dairy farms to plant nurseries. Barcode-controlled systems can work well with FileMaker.
  • Digital Signatures. Including signing contracts and receipts and scanning documents. Data Capture. From measuring energy efficiency in the home to cataloguing artefacts on an archaeological dig.
  • Rapid Response. For example, hotel complaints or customer queries can be answered immediately.
  • Audits/monitoring/inspections. From training courses and livestock vaccinations to surgery procedures.
  • Searching. From bookstore search queries and estate agent property details to genetic breeding data.
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing

FileMaker Developer UK: Experienced in Excellence

Now you know a bit more about FileMaker you might come across numerous businesses and sole traders marketing themselves as a FileMaker developer. UK organisations should only trust FileMaker pro consultants such as Softrack with such an important part of their business operation.

This is because only FileMaker pro consultants have the breadth and depth of FileMaker knowledge and experience to make the best use of the powerful features available through the FileMaker software. When needed, FileMaker pro consultants have full access to the training and support needed to fine-tune your system to deliver your company’s needs.

FileMaker pro consultants are also grounded in the best practice for creating bespoke systems that meet the stringent FileMaker guidelines.

FileMaker Developer UK: Business Alliance

For added piece of mind, Softrack are one of a select group of FileMaker pro consultants who are part of the FileMaker Business Alliance (since 1996). To qualify for membership, FileMaker developers need to apply directly to FileMaker with customer references and examples of FileMaker business solutions they have deployed.

As part of the FileMaker Business Alliance, Softrack receive up to date technical information and access to exclusive features, for example scripts, that might be just what your business system needs to solve a previously insoluble functional issue.

FileMaker Business Alliance members also regularly exchange ideas with other FileMaker pro consultants and the FileMaker support team via an exclusive forum. For extreme situations – where we really get stuck on a problem. We are also members of

Filemaker Developer UK – Choose Softrack

If you’re fed up with wasting valuable time with your current software, we would be very happy to talk to you today about how Softrack can use FileMaker and FileMaker Go to increase productivity in your business.

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